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Exams: Just hearing that word makes people cringe.

Do you remember all the studying that was necessary to properly prepare? The eyes on the clock as you were scrambling to complete your exam? The stress and nervousness as you were waiting for your results? The expectations from others, namely parents and/or teachers?

All students experience some kind of pressure and stress. Some students can feel defeated before they even begin, while others may feel their self-worth is on the line and that failing to get a good grade will make or break their academic journey.

We hope that this month’s practical tools will help the teens in your life face these challenges head on. We have gathered practices that are simple to use, yet effective. They can give teens the confidence and courage to overcome their exam fears. Included as resources are videos of two yoga practices, two short breathing activities, tips on how to stay mentally healthy, and an activity to create their own mantra.

Let’s prepare our teens to face their exams and put those fears to rest!


“Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.”   – Winston Churchill 

Contributors for May 2022: Jen Khouri, Jess Funke Maspes, Claire Marie Tamplin, Lisa Greenspan, Debbie Richards.



The following two 8-minute videos created by Charlotta Martinus are each comprised of six highly effective postures and breathing techniques for teens to practice on their own BEFORE and AFTER an exam:

*this sequence can be adapted for the classroom: standing near desk and sitting on chair.

Note that these sequences are from Teen Yoga’s Mood Cards:


The following Exam Stress Hacks developed by Mindful Movement Coach and Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Specialist, Claire Marie Tamplin, can be used to gently guide teens through their exams.

Exam Stress Hack…

Many young people right now will be embarking on rigorous revision sessions, ahead of their upcoming season of exams.

This relentless focus can build intense pressure, causing

  • lack of sleep,
  • worry and
  • stress;

all of which takes our minds off the goal: to do our best!

  • Our Breath is our LIFE SOURCE and in my well-being workshops with young people- as a Teen Yoga and Mindfulness Specialist, I talk about the breath being our LIFE LINE.

In times of panic, anxiety and fear, learning how to control the breath to centre our being is crucial for creating a mindset and physical state which can facilitate our top performance.

When we regulate our breathing in this way, we activate the calm part of our nervous system (parasympathetic) which controls our bodies ability to relax and ‘rest and digest.’

  • If you would like support eliminating exam panic and to conquer digesting the exam question with clarity and calm try out this simply technique in my short 1 minute video!

And remember, this is a technique anyone can use at anytime.

We are all more than a result, a number and a piece of data. Our learning is lifelong and limitless and we are all worthy enough to feel presence, harmony and peace in all aspects of our lives.

Claire also shares a simple yet effective 1-minute breathing practice to bring focus and calm down a jittery body and mind before an exam. Check it out at:

Looking for more? You can follow Claire at @themindfulmovementcoach_


Jess Funke Maspes’ Innercises’ instructions and video are aimed at improving students’ (and teachers!) calm and focus. These two short, yet powerful practices, which are accessible by clicking HERE, can easily be practiced by participants sitting at their desks either before an exam or in the days leading up to one.

Innercise #1 contains a breathing exercise with mantras/affirmations.

Innercise #2 contains a focus on awareness, intention and action.

Jess Funke Maspes is a London-based German Swede, single mother of two young women (18, 21), Yoga/Teen Yoga Teacher and Business Mentor for Yoga Teachers!

“One of my big passions – apart from yoga – is personal development, so particularly when working with young people – privately or in schools – I’ve always integrated mindset tools and positive psychology to help them develop greater awareness, become more intentional about their thoughts and actions, and thus reduce stress. I’d excited to share with you two super short “innercises” (60 sec each) that I learnt years ago from John Assaraf, one of the world’s leading mindset and behaviour expert.”

You can connect with Jess on and/or


Below are some useful reminders that can be used with your teens so they can be in their best possible shape for their exams.



Mantras are sentences or words that are repeated aloud or silently and which can be used to inspire oneself. For example, while running a race, you could quietly repeat to yourself a few times (or throughout the entire race!) “I am powerful. I am fast. I am strong. I’ve got this!” Used in this way, a mantra can become your own personal cheer. Having a personal mantra can give young people strength and a greater sense of self.

Here’s an easy process students can use to create their own mantra:

Step 1: Each student chooses three to five statements or words that resonate with them. If students need inspiration, they can check out Jess Funke Maspes’ Study + Success Affirmations to Improve Focus + Concentration resource document HERE

Step 2: Students copy down their mantra (maybe using colourful markers!). They can then use these words/phrases as a basis for personal mantra. They can keep their mantra in a convenient place (e.g. phone case, pencil case, pocket, etc.)

The mantra can then be used as needed. For example, quietly reciting their mantra before an exam can offer teens encouragement, confidence and focus.

As Jess states: “The Success Affirmations are a collection of some of my favourite ones that I’ve gathered over the years. I hope you’ll find these useful and are encouraged to try these out with your teens/students. Let me know how it goes.” You can connect with Jess on


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