Supporting Teen Yoga


One of the key areas where we work to bring the benefits of yoga to young people is in schools.

We organise a range of different ways of doing yoga, ranging from after-school classes once a week, to classes integrated into the PE or PHSE curriculum, right through to our whole school approach to yoga, which the Teen Yoga Foundation has created, implemented and supported in many schools across the UK.

This document provides more information about how the Teen yoga Foundation can work together with your school.

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The whole school approach moves beyond the conventional delivery of yoga as an after-school activity to integrate yoga progressively into the life of the school which substantially increases the benefit for all, helping the school to become autonomous in its delivery of yoga. Ask us for more details.

We also have a sister venture for the Teen Yoga Foundation – Yoga in Schools, an agency for yoga teachers in schools from Nursery to University. There is a careful selection process when the agency matches a suitably qualified teacher with a school, and provides advice and support to both school and teacher to ensure optimal service and uptake of yoga at the school.


As a charity, we see it as our duty to keep our teachers inspired, in touch and in tune with current research and policy changes in education.

We keep in touch with all our graduates through monthly newsletters and in closed groups on social media, encouraging them to discuss key issues with each other and support each other locally as well as across the world.

Charlotta and other experts provide support relating to challenging situations, whether they be therapeutic or bureaucratic. This is a unique and important part of the work of the charity.


The TeenYoga Teacher Training Course had its genesis in 2003, and has evolved extensively over the years since then, to incorporate the latest developments in research.

It exists in two formats. One is a 60-hour course which is taught over 5 days and comprises Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology of the teenager and also how to apply yoga therapeutically to the adolescent age group. There is also a focus on how to explore yoga philosophy with young people in a meaningful way. The course has been delivered in over 10 countries to over 1000 students and the programme is now reaching an estimated 100,000 students per year.

The other format is a high quality, in depth 100-hour online version of the course which was launched in Spring 2019 and is aimed especially at overseas English speaking students in Australia, New Zealand, USA and South America, though everyone else is welcome

For more detailed infomation and course dates visit our training site at


The Teen Yoga Foundation organises yoga events (for example GLOW YOGA)  and retreats for young people, in order to bring the benefits of yoga to them outside the school environment.

In recent years there has been a rise in mental health challenges for young people coupled with an impressive rise in popularity of yoga among young people. Many young people have contacted the Teen Yoga Foundation over the years asking to come on the TeenYoga 5 day course.

In response to this we decided to develop the Teen Yoga Ambassadors programmme. TYF Founder Charlotta Martinus felt that there was a need for a course tailored directly to young people, addressing their needs directly, to give them the tools to use yoga to support and help their peers. The course has been developed together with Psychiatrists, Teachers, Medics, Parents, Yoga Therapists and young people and has a heavy focus on practical applications of yoga for optimal mental health.

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As we are a charity (number 1165236), we rely on offerings from the public.

Please help us in our quest to promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.