Yoga in Schools

One of the key areas where we work to bring the benefits of yoga to young people is in schools.

We organise a range of different ways of doing yoga, ranging from after-school classes once a week, to classes integrated into the PE or PHSE curriculum, right through to our whole school approach to yoga, which the Teen Yoga Foundation has created, implemented and supported in many schools across the UK.

This document provides a useful overview of the ways in which we can help your school to incorporate yoga.

TYF Schools Outreach

We also have a sister venture for the Teen Yoga Foundation – Yoga in Schools, an agency for yoga teachers in schools from Nursery to University. There is a careful selection process when the agency matches a suitably qualified teacher with a school, and provides advice and support to both school and teacher to ensure optimal service and uptake of yoga at the school.

Whole school approach

The Teen Yoga Foundation has created, implemented and supported a whole school approach to yoga in many schools across the UK. This approach moves beyond the conventional delivery of yoga as an after-school activity to integrate yoga progressively into the life of the school which substantially increases the benefit for all. The process begins by introducing yoga to the teachers, increasing their capacity to manage their own resilience and wellbeing strategically, the yoga brings calm, focus and physical release and strength. Then the teachers share certain aspects of what they have learnt in the tutor group together with a yoga teacher, who, alongside the teacher, brings expertise and longer more focussed classes to those who are interested, or to PSHE groups, PE groups or even designated yoga groups. We have identified an optimal system of rollout that gains maximum traction and interest from the whole school and ensures the success of the program. In this way the school can, if it wants to, become completely autonomous in its delivery of yoga.

Donations welcome

As we are a charity (number 1165236), we rely on offerings from the public.

Please help us in our quest to promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.