About the Teen Yoga Foundation

The Teen Yoga Foundation is a charity. Number 1165236.

Our main mission is to promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.

We do this through a range of activities: research, events, promotional activity, shared spaces and resources, and solidarity work. The aim is to bring all these activities together under one umbrella to make the most of synergies and ensure that all the efforts made to promote young people’s well being through yoga are coordinated and working in the same direction.


The Teen Yoga Foundation runs a conference every year in November in London. This conference takes a look at the current state of yoga in schools across the world with a special focus on the UK. It attracts 100 delegates every year, ranging from headmasters to teaching assistants to seasoned yoga therapists and yoga students as well as the teens themselves. Bliss-ed is a heterogenous group of enthusiastic teenage yoga practitioners who present each year their perspectives on the state of affairs in yoga in schools and among youth in the UK and abroad. They are an essential part of our ongoing work.


Although 26% of schools are currently offering yoga in some form, many schools do not and are as yet unaware of the benefits that yoga could bring, or indeed what exactly yoga entails. In order to dispel myths and raise awareness of the current state of yoga in schools, Charlotta Martinus speaks regularly at conferences across the country, to around 3000 delegates per year, mostly Headmasters, SEND teachers, TAs, policy makers and Pastoral Leads. She also writes for the national Yoga Magazines and delivers Thought for the Dayon BBC Bristol on a monthly basis.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Yoga in Society

In 2018, the APPG on Yoga was formed, with 4 verticals; yoga in prisons, yoga in the workplace, yoga in the NHS and yoga in schools. Charlotta represents the schools vertical. The vision and purpose of the APPG is to promote yoga as a preventative healthcare tool for the whole of UK society, thereby dropping costs drastically for the tax payer and developing individuals’ autonomy in relation to their physical and mental wellbeing. Our vision is to bring yoga into all areas of society, which will improve a range of aspects in each vertical, for example bringing down re-offending rates, keeping teachers in the profession, and improving pupil attendance, lowering absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace, and bringing yoga therapy into the NHS to provide support for healthcare as a whole. The AAPG does this by providing expert information and evidence from research and training to MPs in parliament, in order to bring yoga into the political conversation. The work also focuses on addressing misconceptions around the practice of yoga.

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As we are a charity (number 1165236), we rely on offerings from the public.

Please help us in our quest to promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.