As a charity, the foundation is constantly looking for support to continue to grow. 2019 has the potential to be a year of tremendous growth for the charity and we see the need for a substantial increase in our core funding in order to respond to the opportunities that are currently emerging. In order for the charity to grow and extend its reach to as many young people as possible, there is a need for a more extensive infrastructure to help us provide support to the rapidly growing sector of yoga for young people in the UK. The money goes towards growing our network of support in areas such as administration, publicity, marketing, fundraising, operation and research support, which increasingly require professional staffing. With this core funding in place, we will be better able to serve our community, schools, and the whole UK.



pays for a yoga mat for a school


pays for a sample class for 15 students


pays for 10 mats for a school


one term of classes for 20 students in disadvantaged school


one term of classes for teachers, staff and 20 students


annual salary for researcher to measure impact of yoga in schools


Direct Donation

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Another way to help us is using Give as You Live Online. It is a free and easy way to raise money for your favourite charity, just by shopping online. You shop and a small amount is donated to us.

Once you’ve signed up on their site, you download a small browser addon and then each time you shop at a site they use, you click to raise funds for the charity, then shop as normal. They email you tot tall you how much was raised each time.



As well as supporting yoga for young people in Britain the Teen Yoga Foundation has always looked to support yoga in countries where it is less accessible, particularly Africa. Charlotta has travelled to Sierra Leone to run a training course there with ex-child soldiers and current soldiers who want to share yoga with orphans in villages outside Freetown. They also share yoga with each other in a way which supports wellbeing and the future peace of their country. In 2018, Charlotta travelled to Johannesburg to teach a group of school teachers and school nurses how to share yoga with their students in the townships. The main reason for this was to support the schools and help them manage behaviour more effectively in order to create a more beneficial learning environment.


The charity has worked closely with other charities and organisations such as Sport England and school charities. Recently we have begun a collaboration with Depaul (a homeless charity) to offer yoga to homeless young people who are in transition back to a stable life, in different locations across London.


We are also collaborating in a program working with Imperial College and Wandsworth Borough Council, as part of a broad wellbeing initiative for BME young people, which in the medium term will be rolled out to schools in the borough.

Drug abuse

Mentor UK is the UK’s leading charity in working with young people at risk of addiction to drugs. They have asked us to develop a programme to empower young people to say no to drugs at the outset, using yoga methodology to increase resilience and self-esteem. The programme has been designed and is ready to be funded and researched.