As you may already know, we are working with Westminster University Psychology Department in a project that looks at the effects practicing yoga can have on young people’s stress and wellbeing. The aim is to get more evidence of the benefits of yoga for young people. This will be useful for yoga teachers when they talk to schools and parents, and for the Teen Yoga Foundation when we look for funding for further research. It would be great of you could help us.

We have had a good response so far, more than 200 on the first questionnaire (of two), but we would like to get as many as possible. The project has been working since January, but will continue till June so if you have a group starting after the Easter break it is perfectly possible to join. So if you have a group starting after Easter, we would love you to participate in this research. (If you have more than one group, even better!)

The research project

Our research will focus on a simple “before/after” questionnaire with as many young people who are doing yoga as possible. The questionnaire will be accessible by mobile phone (or paper if preferred) and take about 10 minutes. They would do it at the start of the first class and again after six classes.

If you would like to help to build the proof that yoga works for young people, please write a quick message to [email protected]

You can also help by sharing this message. We publicise on our website and Facebook and other social media but we know that Facebook will not show the post to everyone, and not all are on Facebook!  To that end, please could you share the message directly with the teachers that you know – ​through all the channels you use, not just through a Facebook share, although this is also helpful.