One of the people running for the Teen Yoga Foundation at the Bath Half Marathon on the 4th March is Ian Watson. Ian is a Chartered Engineer working for the energy company E.ON.


This is Ian’s story.


“Having previously worked on all manner of power stations, I now focus on customer solutions, making sure everything we offer to our customers, from solar panels to electric vehicle charging points to Smart home technology is safe and reliable.”


“I’ve been running for about 6 or 7 years.  I’ve run 1 marathon (Yorkshire) and a few half marathons. I prefer cross-country and fell running, but I do like the occasional road race too. I run for Matlock Athletic Club where I’m also a coach for the junior section. My second club is Vegan Runners UK.”


“I took up yoga in 2016 purely as a means of improving my core strength and mobility (to aid my running).  However, as I’ve come to learn more about the mindfulness aspects of Yoga I now take a lot more from my practice other than the physical benefits. However, the biggest change to my life as a result of taking up Yoga was meeting my partner Wendy, who was (and still is) my Yoga teacher!”


“The Teen Yoga Foundation provides a range of amazing support activities for disadvantaged children and teenagers in schools, community centres and anywhere else it is needed (for example, following the Manchester bombing last year, Teen Yoga provided free training to school teachers to help those who were at the concert and who were suffering post-traumatic stress).  There is a currently a big focus on young people who have found themselves homeless and/or recovering from drug addictions.


This is Iain’s Just Giving Page: