Some of the people coming to run at the Bath Half for the Teen Yoga Foundation are training together. This is the case of our Spanish runners, Lucia Huerta and Nick Kearney, who are coming over for the event. They have been training together over the past few months in Valencia, and are hoping for sun on the 4th March!!!

Here are some words from Nick:

“I’m currently deciding what to do with my life. Meanwhile I’m doing some part time jobs and taking English exams. I have also just passed my driving test.”


“I’ve always been active; I have run every now and then, but my fitness and resistance has been built from sports like tennis, football and cycling.”


“I’m not very into yoga. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it’s not bad at all. Nevertheless I have to say it looks like it’s doing a great job for a lot of people and it’s proven to be very good for mental health, so I support the practice of it.”


“ I’m running for the Teen Yoga Foundation because they help people like myself, the young, to develop tools and skills to fight anxiety and depression and that’s a topic I feel very connected to.”


Lucia and Nick have a Just Giving page at