Some of the people coming to run at the Bath Half for the Teen Yoga Foundation are training together. This is the case of our Spanish runners, Lucia Huerta and Nick Kearney, who are coming over for the event. They have been training together over the past few months in Valencia, and are hoping for sun on the 4th March!!!

Here are some words from Lucia:

“I’m a psychology student in Valencia (Spain), I’m enjoying my degree because it gives me the opportunity of understanding social behaviour and participating in research on well-being. Apart from my studies, I also have a part-time job to save money for the future (I’d love to do a postgraduate degree in the UK in the future). “


“I’m a good runner, as I have been part of an athletics club for the most part of my life. Although at the moment I’m not participating in any competitions, I’m training hard for the  Bath half-marathon. In the past I have participated in other sports, such as tennis, judo, rhythmic gymnastics and swimming.”


“Regarding my connection to Yoga, I am totally aware of all the benefits of it because I receive a lot of information about it in my university lectures. I know yoga is more effective when it comes to tackling certain mental health issues than some pharmaceutical products, giving all the advantages of curing the illness without the side effects.”


“I’m running for the TYF because I feel they’re working hard to address the mental health issues of the young and I think that’s a major social problem which needs to be addressed more actively.”



Lucia and Nick have a Just Giving page at