One of the people running for the Teen Yoga Foundation at the Bath Half Marathon on the 4th march is Ruth Spencer-Carr. Ruth is a school health nurse working in a secondary school in Oxford.  She trained as a yoga teacher in August 2017.

She had never really run regularly before signing up for the Bath Half, except for the Race for Life 5K a few years ago, so this is a major challenge for her. Her training is going well though, and she has progressed up to 10 miles slowly but surely over the last months.

This is Ruth’s Story:

“If only I had been taught Yoga as a child……it could have helped so much especially in dealing with the loss of a parent so young, childhood grief and later on teenage anxiety and panic attacks, all of which Yoga has helped me overcome as an adult.”

“As a School Health Nurse, I am acutely aware of the struggles teenagers face in todays’ world and particularly in relation to their mental health. Yoga is a very powerful medium in which teens can look inwards (towards self) and learn about their mind and body, build strength and resilience, be peaceful and happy and spreading peace and happiness to others and the world. It is a subtle and deeply personal practice and can have a profoundly meaningful effect. If all children know yoga, the world will know peace.”

“Please donate to this amazing Foundation to support this wonderful work and to support me to take on the physical challenge of my life – running the Bath Half marathon 2018 in Roman/Georgian Bath-  the most beautiful city in the U.K. Thank you in advance.”

Ruth’s Just Giving page is here: