Tomorrow is Instill! You can still book here if needs be. And you need to bring a mat!

The conference takes place at the Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street London SW1V 3AT, there is a map on the Teen Yoga Foundation website. It is within walking distance of Victoria Station and Pimlico Station. The main buses are the 24, 260 and the C10. Parking can be found on the street further down towards the river, though this is not always available it seems, and there are also car parks at Cumberland Street and Semley Place.
We have a tea break in the morning, but lunch is not provided. There are restaurants nearby, the Goya acros the road has nice tapas, and there are some in Moreton Street including a Tandoori, and heading towards Victoria, quite a range.
As you can see from the schedule we have built two workshop sessions into the day.  For a couple of these sessions we will use the auditorium, the others take place in classrooms, and therefore we have limited space for these. So to ensure that you can come to the sessions you want most you need to reserve, by sending your first 3 choices for AM and PM.
These sessions will involve participation, so wear yoga friendly clothing, and bring your mat. This will also be useful for the morning yoga session before we start at 8.
Did we say bring a mat?
Bring a mat!!!
Om om

Instill is supported by Yoga Alliance Professionals