One of our keynote speakers at Instill 2017 is Dr Tina Cartwright, who is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster and a Chartered Health Psychologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). Her research focuses on understanding the patient experience and improving the management of long-term conditions and she is currently focusing on strategies and interventions to support health and wellbeing in patients and the wider population, with a particular focus on yoga and meditation.  She has publications in a range of international health and social science journals and has recently been awarded funding to evaluate yoga interventions in the workplace and in the NHS.

At Instill, Tina will be sharing some of the initial findings emerging from the Big UK Yoga Survey, which explored the practice of yoga across the UK. The original motivation for the survey was that, despite the popularity of yoga and evidence of its positive effects on health and wellbeing, little is known about yoga practice in the UK. The survey investigated the characteristics of people who practice yoga, motivations for initiating and maintaining practice, and the perceived impact of yoga on health and wellbeing.

2434 adult UK residents who had practised yoga within the previous 12 months completed the survey. There was a wide range (18-92) and number of years of yoga practice (the average was 13.9 years). The principal reasons mentioned for being initially attracted to yoga were general wellness (39%) and fitness (19%). 47% however spoke of a change in focus over time with increased emphasis on stress management (18%) and spirituality (21%).

At Instill, Tina will be focusing especially on some results that are particularly pertinent from the perspective of young people and yoga. These include the transformative function of yoga, importance of the teacher in our yoga practice, the challenges involved in home practice etc. And of course one of the most important aspects for young people in the UK these days, mental health.

Tina will be speaking in the morning on Saturday 11th November. Please join us! You can book here!

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