As Charlotta pointed out in a blog this week: “It is easy for policy makers, parents and teachers to have ideas of what is best for young people today but they face many challenges we can only imagine.

That makes it vital for those of us who work with young people to listen closely to what they have to say. With this in mind, we have dedicated the last session of the Instill conference to a group of young people, with ages ranging from 13 to 18, will share their perspectives on wellness, schools and yoga. The aim is to embody the spirit of teen yoga, by giving the floor to them!

Flo, Asher, Leila, Robin, Rebecca, Edie and Gabe, and Lavinia (who will not be able to be at the conference), are a heterogeneous group, one manages an all girls rugby team, another does acroyoga, on horses, one came to yoga through injury, another through dance… but we will wait till the session to hear all the details.

They met together 10 days ago in Bath to share their understandings, and do quite a lot of yoga, as you can see in the pictures, with a beautiful integration of play and rich discussion.

Out of that weekend they have put together a session that will cover a range of subjects, sharing their perceptions on aspects of yoga that they find particularly useful, and sharing with us their views on yoga and mental health, physical health, and what needs to be done to improve the presence of yoga in schools.

Join us for this session at Instill on the 11th of November. You can book here!

Instill is supported by Yoga Alliance Professionals