TYF LogoWe are going to carry out a survey. It is now more than ten years since Teen Yoga began, and more than 600 Teen Yoga teachers have been trained. Though we are in contact with many, we don’t have information about what everyone is doing.

The aim is to find out how many young people are involved, the frequency of classes, the distribution across the country, the kinds of classes being taught, and so on. This information would be useful for all of us, because:

  • It can help teachers promote the value of yoga to schools and parents by showing the number of young people already doing yoga
  • It will also be of value to the Teen Yoga Foundation in our requests for funding, for our research and other activities.
  • Having a clear idea of the activity in the Teen Yoga community will help us to better adapt the work we do to the real needs ot teen yoga teachers and the young people they work with.

We have therefore decided to carry out a census of the Teen Yoga community, using an online survey, to be answered by anyone who is teaching yoga to young people. This survey only takes a few minutes.


Here is a link to the survey.


Please help us by filling out the survey yourself, and asking anyone else you know who teaches yoga to young people to answer it as well.

When the process is complete we will publish a report on the results.

All the information will be treated in the strictest confidence, in accordance with current UK data protection laws, and when presenting results all data will be anonymised.

Thank you!

Teen Yoga Foundation Census 2017