On the 23rd of May our hearts broke at the news of 22 young lives cut short by a brutal and senseless killing. The innocence lost on that day is unimaginable and the suffering of friends, close ones and families beyond comprehension. At times like these we all want to do something but often feel locked in grief and confusion. Out of this horror and paralysis came the galvanisation of some well trained, experienced and local volunteers who want to support the children who are grieving and traumatised.

The most simple and immediate way to do this is for us to deliver a short programme to all teachers in the area who wish to receive it. So Charlotta Martinus is going to prepare specialists in this field to go out and train teachers in how to support young people during this difficult time.

The two hour training course is available  for free to any school that contacts us, subject to availability of teachers. The training includes simple ways to help to ground pupils through stretches, breathing exercises and soothing techniques. These techniques are evidence-based and have been extensively tested.

In addition to this the Life Centre in central Manchester has also gifted its space for classes for anyone affected by the attack, where there will be dedicated sessions every day during half term. The timetable for these classes is here and you can also see it in under Manchester Yoga Timetable in the menu bar on the left.

If you would like to support this work, please feel free to donate on this website, all money will go to supporting the teachers going into schools. (£35 per lesson)

Thanks for your continued support.