How can you help?

As a registered charity, The Teen Yoga Foundation relies on your support and donations

Who are we?

The Teen Yoga Foundation is a small UK charity that aims to improve the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.

We have been providing yoga to young people and training teachers to deliver it for 15 years.

TYF exists to get young people doing yoga because yoga helps them cope with life and learn how to prosper.

Why Teen Yoga?

A lot of young people have problems with their mental health because they simply don’t know how to cope.

Yoga provides powerful ways of dealing with stress in their personal, family and social lives by teaching them simple techniques to reduce tension and increase calm in all situations.

This is transformative as it empowers them to engage more fully in their personal lives, school and society.

What do we do?

The benefits of yoga are not yet familiar in educational and youth contexts and the TYF is working to change this.

We train teachers, teach young people, we speak to government, we collaborate with universities on research.

We develop programmes tailored to specific issues such as drug addiction, homelessness, obesity, anxiety and depression.

We collaborate with universities nationally and internationally.

Have a look at the different kinds of work we do:

As a charity that focuses on the well-being of young people, we give great importance to inclusion and safeguarding.

These are the most recent version of our policy documents:

TYF Inclusion policy 2022

TYF Safeguarding Policy 2022