Teen Yoga Foundation

Youth Yoga Ambassadors

In 2017 we are running the inaugural Youth Ambassadors for Yoga Course UK for 16-21 year olds.  If you have…

  • A commitment to yoga
  • A basic understanding of yoga
  • At least one years’ practise of yoga
  • A desire to serve others selflessly
  • A fun and curious attitude

…then this course is for you!

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OUR MISSION with this course is to spread peace of mind and happiness through yoga among young people by young people. We believe after many years of practise and working with teens that yoga offers a beautiful way to connect to others in a genuine and trusting way as well as find peace in our own lives. We believe that yoga philosophy is as important and inspiring as the asana and that we need to have a profound understanding of yoga in order to share it authentically. Young people are our future, therefore let us share tools that enhance compassion, conscious living and kindness together.

Accreditation:   This course will be accredited by TeenYoga Foundation, D of E, NCS and Sportivate UK and as a valid training course that you can take into your future to support others. It is not a fully fledged Teacher Training course but counts towards the Universal Yoga TTC, if you decide to take it further.

THE COURSE will run over 2 weekends and 1 week. We will explore energy, self awareness, building confidence and resilience and you will learn to deliver a yoga class. You will be able to offer this class to schools, colleges, your friends and family. Empowered by the experience of an immersion TT, you will leave the course with the energy to deliver confidently and with compassion.

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Based at THE APPLE BARN in West Sussex, you will be studying in a beautiful yurt, practising both outdoors and inside, sleeping in bell tents with the added bonus of a beautiful countryside environment with free range chickens, goats and pigs and a heated swimming pool. You will be exploring all elements of a yogi lifestyle and there will be an expectation to participate in the preparation of food and some karma yoga. Food will be vegetarian and where possible fresh and locally produced.


Welcome Weekend – June 16/17/18
Residential immersion week – July 28/29/30 and Aug 1
Graduation weekend – August 25/26/27

Prices – All inclusive residential course to include teaching manual, bed and board for 11 days and 8 nights, first aid qualification and certificate £690. Sponsorship and bursaries available upon enquiry.


Please contact Candace on 07872 920545 or Charlotta@teenyoga.com for further information.


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