Teen Yoga Foundation

About the Teen Yoga Foundation

The Teen Yoga Foundation is a charity. Number 1165236.

Our main mission is to promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.

We do this through a range of activities: research, events, promotional activity, shared spaces and resources, and solidarity work. The aim is to bring all these activities together under one umbrella to make the most of synergies and ensure that all the efforts made to promote young people’s well being through yoga are coordinated and working in the same direction.


The Foundation funds and organises research into the impact of yoga, mindfulness and meditation on young people. It also curates existing research and presents the results online through its website, social media and email newsletters.


The Foundation organises an annual conference called Instill, which focuses on the relationship of yoga to the well-being of young people in education and the related research, and a series of workshops and seminars for schools and policy makers that focus on promoting the benefits of yoga for young people in terms of their academic, social and spiritual well-being.

Promoting Yoga

The Foundation also organises and participates in a range of activities aimed at yoga practitioners, teachers and young people, such as retreats, summer and weekend camps of different kinds, and other activities that help to promote yoga for young people. Some of these are organised exclusively for members, others are open to all with a discount for members.

Shared spaces and resources

The Foundation also aims to provide a common space and support for those interested in yoga for young people and, in particular, yoga teachers who work with young people in schools, youth clubs or other venues by providing a news, information and resources, in addition to conversation spaces to discuss issues such as lesson planning, integrating yoga with the curriculum and other issues.

Solidarity work

Lastly, it is important to mention the Foundation’s work in Africa, working specifically with traumatised young people in Sierra Leone. The project currently in preparation there involves training young people to become teen yoga teachers.

The final aim of all these activities is to increase the number of young people benefiting from yoga, through direct interaction with young people in our events and activities, support for those who work with young people, and action that aims to increase awareness of the benefits of yoga, and persuade policy-makers and other decision-makers of the value of including yoga in the lives of young people, at school and in other contexts.


The Foundation’s activities are funded principally by donations and membership fees. The Teen Yoga foundation has charitable status, and members receive discounts on the conference,  and other events and activities run by the Teen Yoga Foundation. We also have agreements with several external organisations for members to receive discounts on their products and services, which include training courses, CPD activity, yoga clothing and equipment.


imgres-7We are very proud to have Dr Sat Bir Khalsa as our Honorary Patron – Sat Bir Khalsa PhD has worked as a Professor of Medicine for over 25 years at the university of Harvard in the US and has spent as long researching the impact of yoga on young people. He is considered to be the leader in the field of this research.


imageOur Youth Patron is Robin Watkins-Davies, who lives in Stroud and who has embraced yoga fully to enhance her learning and her relationships with her family and friends. She is 17.


Our Honorary Patron is Sir Anthony Seldon is a leading British schoolmaster and a contemporary historian, commentator and political author.  He is Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, the first private university in Britain. He is author or editor of over 40 books on contemporary history, politics and education, was the co-founder and first director of the Centre for Contemporary British History, is honorary historical adviser to10 Downing Street, and was co-founder of Actionfor Happiness with Lord Layard and Geoff Mulgan. He has practiced meditation and Yoga since 1978, and has attended Sivananda ashram retreats in India, the US and the UK.  He pioneered ‘happiness’ lessons which began at Wellington College in 2006.

Donations welcome

As we are a charity, we rely on offerings from the public. Charity number 1165236

Please help us in our quest to promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.